Regulated Medical Waste

Mobile Waste Bins (MWB)

We're modernizing the collection of medical waste through the use of specially engineered equipment that looks professional, simplifies collection, and reduces cost.

  • Leak-proof. High quality HDPE with a single mold design.
  • Odor Reduction. Hinged lids contains the odor.
  • Mobile. Wheels on the MWBs make waste collection easy and safe.

Eliminate biohazard cardboard boxes with our OSHA-compliant, reusable, lidded, Mobile Waste Bins. During service, our technician will bring freshly a sanitized MWB to swap with your existing, full container. Eliminating the handling of cardboard boxes significantly minimizes the service time in each facility and avoids interruptions to patients and staff.

Still Using Cardboard Boxes?

Modernize and upgrade collection equipment to ensure the safe and efficient handling of medical waste. By upgrading to Mobile Waste Bins, medical facilities can improve the safety and compliance of their waste management processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will It Fit In My Space?

Our standard 32 gallon MWB is 38” tall & fits in the same foot print as a standard carboard biohazard box. If a box fits, so should our 32 gallon MWB.

How Many Boxes Will It Hold?

Depending on the type of waste, our 32 gallon MWB holds approx. 3 standard boxes & our 96 gallon holds approx. 9 standard boxes.

What If My MWB Gets Full?

If your MWB is getting close to full prior to your scheduled service, simply connect with your support specialist for on-demand service options.

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