• Modernizing Medical Waste


Why Choose Biogenic Solutions?

As a leading provider of compliance-based medical waste management, we specialize in
modernizing the way medical waste is collected, transported and treated.

Modern Collection Equipment

Unlike traditional cardboard boxes, our mobile waste bins are reusable, leakproof and more functional in a practice setting.


Compliance Expertise

Ensuring federal and state compliance both in practice and certification, our fully managed solutions reduce time spent on compliance.


Customer Insights

View and manage all of your account details including service schedule, manifests, invoices and connect with your account management team.


Our Services

Regulated Medical Waste

Properly dispose of regulated medical, biohazardous, sharps, trace chemo, and pathological waste.

Compliance Solutions

We make OSHA compliance simple and stress free for your business.

Pharmaceuticals / RX

Effortlessly eliminate pharmaceutical waste with our comprehensive disposal solutions.


Medical Sectors We Service

Exclusive service provider for the Dallas County Medical Society